More custom order guitars…..

Black Burst S-Type

A custom build for Kyle. This has a light Swamp Ash body with Flame Maple top - black dye top and black 'burst back - with a maple neck and ebony fretboard. Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbuckers (Seymour's favorite) are wired for series or parallel thanks to two push-pull volume knobs. Wilkinson/Gotoh VS-100N tremolo, Gotoh tuners, CTS/CLR electronics, and a bone nut. The neck is still curing and hasn't been wet sanded, but some mock-up pictures are below.

100 year-old Reclaimed Pine T-Type

This pine was reclaimed from a farm house in Northwest Georgia. It's hard to tell from this picture because they're rough-hewn. These will be finished using Tru-Oil, which enhances the color and provides excellent protection.

Blonde S-Type

Shoreline Gold T-Type with matching Shoreline Gold Pickguard and 5A Flame Maple Neck

Arctic White T-Type with Forearm and Tummy Contours - Look at the FLAME on that neck!

Buck Owens Tribute T-Type

Silver Sparkle T-Type

For a professional guitarist who said "I want a guitar finish that jumps off the stage and people say 'Wow! I've never seen THAT before!'" This should do it! In addition to boutique hardware and an ebony fretboard with pearl block inlays, this guitar will sport a Lollar P90 pickup in the bridge position and a Lollar Charlie Christian at the neck. 

It'll look like this without the checkerboard binding...

Mahogany LP Junior

1974 Gibson SG Reclamation Project

This thing was in bad shape when I got it. In good condition, it would be worth $1,200 - $1,500. However, the headstock had been broken and repaired, which reduces the value down to $800-$900. The repair was U-G-L-Y - solid as a rock, just not very pretty and painted over in something akin to Linex - yeah, the textured stuff they spray in truck beds.

Someone bought it as a project, used some of the parts on a similar guitar, then decided not to refurbish this one. So, I picked it up - sans everything but the body and pickups - for $100 off Craigslist.

I'll replace the headstock overlay with an original Gibson part, the nasty black plastic pickups covers will be replaced with shiny nickel covers, I'll use genuine Gibson vintage tuners, a new Gibson stop tailpiece, a new Gibson Historic ABR-1 bridge, premium pots and switches, and a new pickguard. A little investment will go a long way to bring this back to a great playing guitar.

To remove 40 years worth of grime, I'll wet sand the original nitro finish on the entire guitar, buff it, and bring it back to a glossy shine. You can see in the pictures that I've already started sanding the back and the neck. When finished, it'll still look used but definitely better.